22/06/2024 3:49 AM
Esok, 28hb May 2013, Ariq Emir akan berusia 6 bulan. Maka, jom kaji apa perkembangan Ariq Emir time nih..

He uses more energy 

  • He sleeps less and has more intense physical activities. 
  • He holds out his arms to you, or lifts himself up on his forearms. 
  • He uses his whole body to communicate. 
  • He grabs objects within his reach, and uses all his fingers, except his thumbs. 
  • When he is on his back, he grabs his feet or objects within reach. 
  • He can now see in 3-D because his “binocular” vision is fully developed. A new world is opening up to your child!

More and more sociable 

  • You are still the great love of his life, but he is becoming interested in other people around him. 
  • He laughs out loud when his brother or sister pulls faces. 
  • He is no longer fearful of new faces. He takes his time to study them, and watches them carefully before rewarding them with his best smile. (owh.. Ariq dah lama begini. Murah senyuman dari umur sebulan)

New ways of communicating

  • Your child’s babbling becomes more and more evolved. He starts to pronounce certain consonants and varies the tone and volume of his voice. 
  • He now has a large range of sounds to express his pleasure, anger or mood – cries of joy, grunts, coos, gurgles, roars, etc.
Tq sudi baca. Regards, Mommy Hannah Damia & Ariq Emir

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