22/05/2024 9:21 AM
These clever hacks are something you will start using right away. They will change the way you cook and eat food. Better said they will change your habits and life.

Maybe they are simple and no one would believe what they are capable of doing, but let me assure you that they are making the cooking so much easier and fun.

1. A piece of bread keeps the cake moist overnight

2. Perfect Apple Snack

3. Bacon Pancakes (cari yg halal la. apa2 pun. be smart!)

4. Mandarin-Orange strip

5. An egg timer

6. Smoothie in Freeze

7. Clever indeed

8. Eggs and bacon for a perfect breakfast snack (cari yg halal la. apa2 pun. be smart!)

9. Perfect potato

10. Sugar Cookies idea

11. Placing wooden spoon like this will prevent spill overs

12. A bacon bowl (cari yg halal la. apa2 pun. be smart!)

13. Lemon keeps the avocado green longer

14. Paper towel keeps the salad fresh after slicing it up

15. You got the point

16. Wrapping the bannana like this will make it live longer

17. Home made brick oven for perfect taste

18. Best burgers on the planet

19. Donut breakfast sandwich

20. Any room for desert? – Best desert ever

Start cooking.

Mommy Hannah Damia ‘n’ Ariq Emir
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