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In a relationship, displays of affection are a must, and rather than take the conventional path of saying I love you why not try something different? Try these new tricks…..
1. Note among Flowers
When it comes to confessing your love, you should leave no stone unturned. For men who feel awkward expressing their emotions verbally, gifting your ladylove a flurry of bouquets will work wonders. You can also give her a rose everyday for an assigned month to keep her guessing about your intentions. At the end of the assigned time, give her an I love you’ note instead of the usual flower and watch as she blushes with delight.

2. Say it with a Song
If you’re a keen musician, professing your feelings during a public performance will be an excellent way. Compose a unique song for her or create a medley of popular love songs and serenade her in public. Belting out your emotions in a public setting will have her swooning with affection.

3. Cook for Her
Women are rendered helplessly affectionate for men who, if cannot whip up a decent meal, can at least initiate the gesture. If you’re planning to confess your feelings to your sweetheart, put your culinary skills to use. Prepare a romantic candle-lit evening and enjoy gourmet delights in the company of your beloved. Bring out a frosted cake, just in time for dessert with your confession written in icing. Will this surprise not only knock her off her feet, but will be the best memory of her life too.

4. Treasure Hunt
A treasure hunt is the simplest yet most creative way of saying I love you, without sounding it out. Leave clues for her around the house, with each clue inexorably pointing towards the other. Let the final clue point to a piece of paper in your pocket. As she reaches for it, let her read your confession on paper. She will be pleasantly surprised and be swooning at your gesture.

5.Love Letter 
Nothing can match up to the age-old yet simple method of confessing your love. A perfumed love letter transcends all gestures to become the ultimate tool for letting your sweetheart know about your feelings. This is an excellent ruse for people who have a way with words. Write about how she makes you feel and be as honest as you can. Seal the letter with love and mail it to her. The day she receives the letter will undoubtedly be the best day of her life.

6. Say it With Jewellery
Nothing says I Love You’ better than a piece of customized jewellery. If you are on a low budget and want to make a creative impression, you can handcraft a bracelet for her. Buy an inexpensive love-related trinket and wind it around a wearable piece of string. Pack it appropriately in a ribbon-tied box and let her revel in the emotions of the moment.

7. Shoot It

If you are feeling creative, shooting a sequence to show how much you care will work wonders. Double it up as a surprise and show up just when the video ends, in time to see the pleasantly surprised look on your partner’s face…

8. Where you first met
The place where you first met has a lot of significance for any couple. And saying I love you’ couldn’t be more heartfelt in any other place.

9. Write in the sand
To make your expression of love memorable, why not pay a visit to the seaside for a date? You can write a love message in the sand when your loved one isn’t looking and when they turn around they’ll be in for a surprise. If it all goes wrong, tell them someone else wrote it and run for the hills. If it goes to plan ‘please say it goes to plan’ take a photograph of it afterwards so you can frame it and remember the moment for years to come.

10. Be tourists in your city 
Plan and hit the zoo or an amusement park. You’ll have a ball while in the ride or watching the animals, and the best thing is that might also burn more fat walking around, than when you cycle in a gym.

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