29/05/2024 10:43 AM
Your child is just entering his 9th month. His personality is more defined, and his own particular interests are beginning to stand out. What you need to do is set the right balance between his desires and limits.
More skilful, and more wilful, too 
You’re amazed by your child’s determination to learn and his perseverance, and if he wants something, 
he’s sure to let you know! 
He can hold small objects between his thumb and forefinger. Be careful that he doesn’t put them into his mouth. 
Show him how to put two cubes on top of one another. He’ll soon be able to do this himself.
What he loves 
At bath time, your child just loves to hit the surface of the water and splash everything around. Be ready with a towel. 
He’ll make a lot of noise and start to hit toys together, so get those earplugs on standby.
Sing again and again the nursery rhymes he loves to hear.
Centre of the universe 
Your child is a charmer. The close family around him is not the only potential audience he has. You’re going to have to share his affection with everyone else. 
He’ll play to the gallery, and likes nothing more than a round of delighted applause.
He’ll show his dissatisfaction at anyone who crosses his path. But you don’t have to give in to him. In fact, quite the opposite. He has to start learning the rules of the game.

Tq sudi baca. Regards, Mommy Hannah Damia & Ariq Emir

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