23/06/2024 12:01 AM
Benefits of TANAMERA Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil:

For Prenatal Use:
To moisturise and prevent stretch marks, apply on damp skin.
To minimise tearing and need for episiotomy, massage VCO on perineum area and consume 1 teaspoon daily, 3-4 weeks before baby’s due date.

For Contraction and Labour Use:
To minimise perineal tearing and for smoother delivery, at the onset of labour pains, consume a few teaspoons at regular intervals, and apply generously at perineum area

For Postnatal Use:
To fade stretch marks and moisturise breasts to soothe and prevent cracked nipples, apply on damp skin
To help lose excess weight, consume 2 tablespoons daily
As a baby massage oil

Yang besnya, dapat benda free. Beli 2 botol VCO tu jer.. Lain2 adalah percuma… ;p

ini FREE..

ini FREE..

yang ni je pun Mommy beli.. hihihi

ini juga dapat FREE..

ini FREE..

simpan semua dalam beg cute nih.. pon FREE.. ;p

Harga RM34 sebotol
Postage RM12.
Kalau beli RM100 ke atas, free postage.. ;p
Beli kat sini

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