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Sebelum nih Mommy ada diskus pasal AEROCHAMBER & INHALER & HOW TO USE IT..
Mula2, jom kita faham APA ITU ASMA?
Since banyak sangat jenis inhaler, Mommy terfikir nak compile & faham satu persatu.
Do you know about asthma inhaler? For asthma patient maybe know about the device that medicate their lung. The devices is hand held and could bring everywhere cause the size is small. There are many variety of asthma inhaler in the market. With inhaled medications, the medicine is delivered directly to your bronchial tubes, helping to open your airways.
Contoh inhalers
Tujuan utama ialah
  • Rawatan mencegah Asma (Preventer) – These asthma inhalers are used to prevent any symptoms from occurring in the long run. If you are experiencing any asthma symptoms and take this inhaler, you will find that it does not have any effect. It takes hours or sometimes longer to have any effect on preventing symptoms from occurring. Preventers should be taken normally like any other inhaler. The doses are usually two puffs in the morning and two in the evening, however you should follow the instructions given from your physician/ doctor as recommended.
  • Rawatan semasa serangan (Reliever) – Relievers are used to treat asthma symptoms instantly such as; breathlessness or wheezing (caused by the narrowing of the airways). It is the opposite use for preventers in which it takes immediate effect to calm inflammation and eliminate mucus build up, which relaxes the airways and makes it easier to breathe. These inhalers should not be needed regularly if your asthma is kept under control. However you should ALWAYS have one with you in case of an emergency.
Kena tau gejala asma nih.
  • Batuk (terutama di waktu malam atau semasa cuaca sejuk )
  • Susah bernafas (sesak nafas )
  • Nafas berbunyi (wheezing )
  • Rasa ketegangan di dada
Bentuk2 rawatan
  • Ubat sedutan (Inhalers)
  • Dry powder (DPI)
  • Nebulisers
  • Ubat terus masuk ke dalam saluran pernafasan berbanding ubat yang ditelan yang akan melalui perut ke daluran darah dan barulah ke saluran pernafasanebahagian kecil ) .
  • Bertindak lebih cepat dan berkesan.
  • Hanya dos yang kecil diperlukan . Kesan sampingan ubat akan berkurangan .
There are several types the devices such as
1. Metered dose inhaler [MDI]
– It is a small device that holds medication to using for asthma patient treatment. It features canister that are 4 inches long inside a plastic actuator. It contains multiple doses many drug that could treat asthma such as AeroBid, Flovent, Combivent, Asmacort, Xopenex Maxair, Albuterol, and Atrovent.

(MDI (metered dose inhaler) adalah sejenis alat, bukan ubat. MDI, DPI (dry powder inhaler) dan nebulizer adalah sejenis inhaler dimana ubat akan diletakkan didalam alat ini. Bukan MDI sendiri itu ubat.)

2. Dry Powder Inhaler [DPI]
– Dry powder inhalers are small and convenient to carry (does not require a canister in order to use it) and do not use a propellant to administer the medication. The patient is required to take a deep, fast breath for the medication to be released. If the individual breaths out too fast, the medication which is dry powder has the potential of being released. This type of inhaler is not recommended for young children because of the physical requirements to administer the medication.
– It is a device used for people who have problem to use common inhaler. This device is really helpful for children or babies that get asthma. They can’t use inhaler because of their young body.
This device consists of a cup attached to a tubing and mouthpiece. These pieces are connected to an air compressor that pumps the medicine into the lungs. This helps deliver a fine mist of medicine deep into the airways.

Before buy the inhaler, get advice from your doctor. Some of asthma patient is allergic with the inhaler.

Sentiasa gunakan ” carta kawalan Asma di rumah ” bagi memudahkan anda mengetahui tahap keterukan penyakit asma anda serta tindakan yang sepatutnya diambil.
Anda harus berjumpa doktor sekiranya
  • Pernafasan anda menjadi semakin teruk walaupun langkah pengubatan telah diambil .
  • Sukar bernafas semasa melakukan senaman ringan / aktiviti harian .
  • Perlu menyedut bronchodilator lebih dari biasa .
  • Lebih kerap terjaga malam kerana serangan Asma .


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