16/06/2024 2:38 PM
How to do it: 
Lie face down with your palms on the floor about shoulder width apart from each other.
Push your whole body up with your back and legs in a straight line and then lower yourself back down towards the floor. To strengthen your chest more place your arms wider apart.
To strengthen your triceps and back more, move your arms closer together.
Muscles involved: Chest muscles and triceps
How to do it:
Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
Cross your arms across your chest and raise your body up to try and meet your knees.
This can cause strain on the back, so if you have a weak back it may be better to do a crunch instead.
Muscles involved: Abdominal muscles and back muscles
Jumping on the Spot
How to do it:
Literally just jump up and down raising your whole body off the ground by at least 5-6 inch or more.
Muscles involved: Calf muscles and thigh muscles
How to do it:
Stand up straight , bend your knees with your arms stretched outright parallel to the floor.
Bend until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
Muscles involved: Thigh muscles and buttocks muscles.
Back Extension
How to do it:
Lie face down with your arms at your side.
Slowly lift your head toward the ceiling and look up as far as you can go.
You can extend this by lifting your legs and your head up as far as you can
and hold for 5 seconds and release.
Muscles involved: Stomach muscles and Back muscles
Nak kurus & sihat kan?? Jom buat nih! Kat rumah jer.. Lagi satu, yang kurus pon boleh buat jugak! Untuk lebih sihat.. ;p

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