18/05/2024 3:16 PM
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How to Make Vegetable LEGO Bricks
Here’s a neat way to encourage children to enjoy eating their vegetables by transforming them into little LEGO bricks. 
Now lunch can be fun!
1. Soak boiled vegetables briefly in salt water to make them a little firmer. Many vegetables are suitable, including carrots, potato, squash, rutabaga, etc. You could also use firm tofu and add a food color to the water, which the tofu will soak up. 
2. Cut the vegetables into cube shapes. As with LEGO pieces, you need to decide what combination you’d like to make from the selection of: single stud square brick, the four stud square brick or the six stud rectangle brick. (“Stud” refers to the little bumps on top of real LEGO bricks.) 
3. Poke a straw all the way through the vegetable. This will create a round hole and will push up the inside of the vegetable brick. Be sure to align exactly where you want to holes to be located for whichever LEGO stud arrangement you’re creating. 
4. Using a toothpick, push the stud from the bottom of the vegetable brick until it sticks out of the top. This part ensures that it looks like a LEGO brick, complete with studs. 
5. Check that the studs are evenly positioned across the top by looking at the brick sideways. 
6. Serve. Your kids should be delighted!

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