First Cinema Hall with Beds in Moscow

Unusual experiment was carried out by IKEA in Kinostar De Luxe in Khimki. Until December 14, in one of the cinema halls all seats will be replaced on the bed. Depending on the time of the session ticket prices range from 200 to 400 rubles, while the rate for the whole bed (which is in the hall of 16), and how many people you invite to it depends on your desires: you can come with your partner, and possible and the whole family. The aim of the event was the desire to awaken people to the brand love, because we are the closest to each other under a blanket.

**ini betul tau. dorang revamp cinema tu. ish. jgn silap2 haribulan, benda lain jadi. Almaklumla dalam selimut. hihi. x pun, dengkuran yg maha bergema ke. haha. xyah la bwk mai Malaysia.. haha

Regards, Mommy Hannah Damia & Ariq Emir

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