22/06/2024 4:42 AM
Suka kan lepak dgn orang yg jenis fun & menarik nih. Nak jadi camtuh x? Ikuti langkah2 ini:

  1. Be active. 
  2. Be curious. 
  3. Dress funky. 
  4. Make your next holiday an unusual one. 
  5. Learn to Develop Yourself Socially and Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks. 
  6. Read, Read, Read. 
  7. Be positive and optimistic. 
  8. List the people who have these traits and prioritize those you would like to spend time with. Remember that who you spend time with greatly affects how your personality develops.
  9. Believe that you’re fun. Really believe in yourself and always tell yourself that you are fun. Think of your friends, even friends that are maybe not so fun, look at what they do that you like to see them do… then do it yourself . The deal is, when you tell yourself this you’ll start acting like it, after all you are what you believe you are.

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