22/04/2024 8:57 AM
CD spindle earring stand
Tennis racket mirror
Button lamp shade
Book keepsake box
To make: Transform an old book into a pretty box for trinkets and other small items with this easy-to-make project. Apply craft glue to the inside back cover and close the book; let it dry. Apply glue to the book’s edges; let it dry. Mark a rectangle on the first page about 1-inch from all sides. Use a craft knife to cut along the mark through several pages. Remove the cut pages; continue cutting and removing pages until you’ve reached the desired depth. Seal the cut pages with clear glue to finish the keepsake box.
Key pendant
Tennis ball helper
To make: Cut a slit in a tennis ball using a box cutter or sharp knife. Add rivets or google eyes. Hang him on the wall by a nail or suction cup in the back of his “head.” 
Tennis racket earring holder
Trash can turned table
To make: Spray paint a metal trash can, flip it over and, voila, instant side table!
Old piano turned into outdoor fountain
License plate birdhouse
Succulent drawer
Cool huh?
DIY jom!! 
Tq sudi baca. Regards, Mommy Hannah Damia & Ariq Emir

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