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If Someone Loves You Like This,

You Will Never Fall In Trouble ……

She said that she wanted to get high.
He took her to the tallest hill in town.
She said that she wanted to stay up All night and drink.
He gave her a 12 pack of caffeinated Pepsi and said “drink up.”
She said that she wanted to shoot Herself in the face.
He gave her a water gun, put her finger On the trigger, aimed it at her face, and Helped her pull the trigger.
She said that she wanted to cut herself.
He took a Polaroid of her, handed it to Her along with scissors, and had her cut it up.
She said that she wanted to see her blood.
He took her to get her ears pierced.
She said that she wanted to cry herself to sleep.
He had her watch a sad, romantic movie before bed.
She said that she wanted to be alone.
He gave her a name tag that said “my Name is: alone.”
If Someone Loves U Like This..
He/She will Keep You happy Even if You Want To Fall In Trouble.

May Allah bless our relationship! Amin!
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By YB Shehan

YB Shehan merupakan penulis blog Mommy's Diary of Life (www.shehanzstudio.com). Merupakan bekas pelajar jurusan undang-undang di Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIA) dan kini bergelar blogger sepenuh masa.

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