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HOW TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD? | It doesn’t matter how hard you try, it is just impossible to protect the kids from all problems because the world is too big, and you have only 24 hours a day.

However, the best investment in their future will be not parent penalties, but the correct instructions that will help the child grow up a happy and completely independent person.

What skills should each parent teach their children so that they can cope with any difficulties? However, if you only dream about a strong family and kids, casanovastyle.com can help you with this challenge.

1. Fear of a bad mark.

A huge mistake in education is made by perfectionist parents, who teach children how important it is to do everything perfectly in life, to win and to get gold medals.

Such an attitude makes the child a neurotic one who goes to school not for the sake of knowledge, pleasure or some interesting goals, but for the sake of high achievement.

In the future, they will become insecure people who are afraid of difficulties, do not know how to enjoy small things and live for themselves. Do not choke the child with such “love.”

Teach them that marks are not the main thing, that they should love their job and have a desire to develop even if something does not work out. Anything can be fixed if you do not create a tragedy from a trifle.

2. Complexes about appearance.

One day your kid will begin to compare themselves with other children, looking for drawbacks. Especially if the parents set a bad example, complaining about their own appearance.

Do not underestimate the destructive power of offensive nicknames, given to the child. Stop doing that! Everyone wants to feel beautiful, children are not an exception.

It is better to praise them more often, notice their strong sides, teach them to watch themselves, respect their body and natural uniqueness. You can show the child that there are no ideal people at all, finding photos of models and celebrities without retouching.

3. Bullying in school.

When the child becomes an outcast, other school kids start offending, teasing, beating them without a reason. It is easy to notice that because the kid will come home upset and tense more and more often, they will not have friends, they will try to avoid going to school in every way.

A direct intervention of parents cannot always change the situation, children are cruel and do not like the patronage of adults. Teach your child self-protection techniques.

Explain to them that the bullies try to compensate for their complexes by insulting the weak ones. Also, teach the child not to react to bullying and laugh at any attempts to hurt them, then it will be simply uninteresting for the bullies to tease them. If nothing helps, change the school.

4. Inability to refuse classmates.

This problem is quite common: the child does not want to run away from the lessons, but they obey the pressure of the group, they do not want to buy alcohol, but they are afraid to stand out, etc.

It turns out that a child cannot defend themselves, feels insecure about their right to be different. You should explain to them that when they go on a leash of someone, they lose their uniqueness and that the refusal is not so a terrible thing if it is properly presented.

It is not necessary to treat others disrespectfully, it’s important not to be afraid to follow their convictions, “You can drink, but I have other plans”, “I like this lesson, but you can play truant if you want.”

It is important to explain to the child that they shouldn’t depreciate their own desires and works, otherwise, in the future, everyone will be able to use them.


  1. We definitely can’t always be there for our children and protect from all the negative things around them. The best we could do for them is to pray to the almighty to protect our children and prepare them on how to face those negativity and to not let themselves be pulled into that negativity. Very good info by the way.. Thank you.

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