13/04/2024 5:17 PM

Kini kita boleh Terjemah Bahasa Di dalam Aplikasi Google Translate di Android 6.0.

Thanks to an update for Google Translate, users running Android 6.0 Marshmallow can now translate text from within applications. Previously, all translations would need to be done from within the dedicated Translate app, but now, apps that often feature languages other than English, such as LinkedIn and WhatsApp, can now be translated seamlessly.
To perform a translation of text from within an app, simply highlight the text you want translated, choose which language you would like it translated to, and that’s it. Once selected, the text will then be translated in a pop up window via the Translate app.
As noted in Google’s post, this feature should work in most applications once updated, unless the developer created a custom text selection behavior. If that’s the case, this feature will not work and the developer will need to implement the standard Android text selection behavior.
The update is rolling out now to Google Play, so be sure to grab it if you are in fact running Android 6.0 on your device.

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