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types of small business loans

SMALL BUSINESS LOANS | Business owners who need cash can benefit from a small business loan. It’s essential to choose the right type of loan. The wrong kind of loan could leave you waiting months to receive funds when you need them quickly. A small business loan meets a specific need, such as expanding your warehouse or starting a franchise. You can access cash through loans when you have an unpaid invoice pile.

types of small business loans

A small business loan is most likely available through an online lender, a bank, or a credit union. There is a range of interest rates, fees, loan limits, and terms depending on the type of loan, the lender, and the borrower. To choose the right business loan, you must understand how each one works.


The following is a review of seven small business loans that your company can benefit from.

Term Loans

It is a type of loan you repay over a set period. Interest is with the loan’s principal balance and monthly payments. With a term loan, you can use it for many things, such as equipment and everyday expenses.

Equipment Loans

An equipment loan may be an option if you need to finance large equipment purchases but lack the capital. You can use these to pay for expensive equipment, machinery, or vehicles, such as computers and furniture, which retain their value over time. Generally, if you can’t repay the loan, the purchased equipment will be used as collateral.

Invoice Factoring and Invoice Financing

If your business finds it hard to receive payments on time, you may benefit from invoice factoring or invoice financing (also called accounts receivable financing). A factoring company will buy your pending invoices and give you a percentage of their value upfront. With invoice financing, you can use outstanding invoices as security to obtain a cash advance on the balance you owe. The primary distinction between the two is that while financing still requires you to collect payments from repaying the amount borrowed, factoring gives the company purchasing your invoices control over the process of collecting payments.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate loans, or commercial mortgages, can assist you in financing both new and existing real estate, such as offices, warehouses, or retail space. These loans function as term loans and might let you refinance an existing loan, buy new commercial real estate, or expand your business.

You can get up to RM50,000 through micro-loans, which are small loans. These loans can be a good choice for start-up companies or those who don’t require significant money due to the low loan amounts. You may need collateral (like business equipment, real estate, or personal assets) to qualify for these loans, provided by nonprofit organizations or the government, such as the SBA.

Revolving Credit

I can be used to finance working capital for a short time. It permits flexible withdrawal of funds whenever necessary, and you can choose to pay back by rolling over the principal amount in monthly installments or by making only a partial repayment of the principal amount.

Blanket Hire-Purchase

This financing is available for the hire-purchase of commercial vehicles and equipment. In most cases, they set the principal sum and the repayment schedule.

Bottom Line

There are so many options for small business loans that it can be overwhelming to choose one. Fincrew allows you to compare and apply for the best business loan for your next project online to help reduce stress. Offering both start-ups and existing businesses the best business loans in Malaysia is what we do.

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