29/05/2024 11:22 AM
Friends and colleagues, 
Last week, my wife’s car got stolen in a very busy place near Jaya Jusco in Mahkota Cheras. This episode is something worth sharing so that we can reduce the chance of having our cars stolen. 
After parking her car on the roadside outside Jusco, she found that she was unable to lock the car with the car remote, so she thought the remote battery is flat, and proceeded to lock the car manually. 
She then went to buy some groceries, and about 30 min later when she returned to the spot where she parked her car, it was missing. 
Later at the police station and insurance agency, she was told that some car theft syndicates can use an electronic device to ‘clip’ the car remote’s frequency when she used it to lock the car. 
The side effect of the ‘clipping’ operation is that the user will be unable to lock the car with the remote. Once they have the frequency, they were able to steal the car once you are out of range. 
Lesson learnt – next time when you are unable to lock your car with the remote, chances are high that someone nearby is already targeting your car – do not park there anymore, just drive away.

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