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9th month

Your child is just entering his 9th month. His personality is more defined, and his own particular interests are beginning to stand out. What you need to do is set the right balance between his desires and limits.

More skilful, and more wilful, too

You’re amazed by your child’s determination to learn and his perseverance, and if he wants something, he’s sure to let you know! 
He can hold small objects between his thumb and forefinger. Be careful that he doesn’t put them into his mouth. 
Show him how to put two cubes on top of one another. He’ll soon be able to do this himself.

What he loves 

At bath time, your child just loves to hit the surface of the water and splash everything around. Be ready with a towel. 
He’ll make a lot of noise and start to hit toys together, so get those earplugs on standby.
Sing again and again the nursery rhymes he loves to hear.

Centre of the universe 

Your child is a charmer. The close family around him is not the only potential audience he has. You’re going to have to share his affection with everyone else. 
He’ll play to the gallery, and likes nothing more than a round of delighted applause.
He’ll show his dissatisfaction at anyone who crosses his path. But you don’t have to give in to him. In fact, quite the opposite. He has to start learning the rules of the game.

10th month

Your child is just entering his 10th month. He has now spent as long a time outside your tummy as he did inside. And his progress remains startling, both in physical and mental activities.

Agile and adventurous 

He is not scared of the staircase. He’ll keep you busy by crawling up on all fours and on his bottom when coming down. Be sure to always keep an eye on him. 
He is beginning to stand straight on his legs [HANNAH can stand at 9 months old.. ;p]. If you support him, he may well start to take a few steps, but don’t push things too fast, there’s plenty of time. 
At this age, your child can grab hold of pretty much everything, so do be careful to ensure that anything dangerous is well out of reach.

Focused and attentive 

As he finds it easier to put objects together and concentrate on more than one thing at once, your child can play by himself for quite awhile. But don’t forget to keep a watchful eye on him, especially if he is not safe in his playpen. And don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure of playing with him; he loves sharing these moments of joy and togetherness with you. 
Now that your child is starting to associate more than one syllable together, you can try to get him to repeat a word or two. Which one of you is going to be the proudest when he says his first “Mummy” or “Daddy”? -she called DADDY 1st.. sob sob..

Sometimes a daydreamer, sometimes a sulker, always a delight

Because your child is curious and attentive to everything that’s going on around him, it can sometimes be a surprise to see him looking so dreamy. Make the most of these moments of calm before he starts demanding for your attention again! 
Your child’s mood can vary greatly from one moment to the next. He is developing his character and will shift quickly between demands for a cuddle and signs of irritation at you. You’ll need to find a balance; don’t always say “yes” because he needs to find out what the limits are.

Your child’s dietary capabilities 

He is getting better at chewing; he can swallow those small soft pieces even more easily now.
His sense of taste is developing and becoming more refined. He is more sensitive to different flavours and likes more and more elaborate dishes.
He is starting to take hold of objects between his thumb and forefinger. As a result, he will often take small pieces of food and eat them with his fingers.

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