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She is just entering her 7th month. She can crawl around, hold toys with a firm grip, and will look around for them if she loses them. Her relationship with people around her is getting stronger by the day. She can recognize faces she hasn’t seen for a long time. –OWH? REALLY AR? BUT CRAWLING..NOT YET LA!

A fast developing muscle system
She can now push herself up on her hands or elbows to sit up straight. 
She can also roll over from her tummy to her back. 
She can stand straight for a few moments and jiggle on the spot if you stand her up, hold her hands or hold under her arms.

Her communication skills are also developing fast. 
She’s sensitive to voices and intonations, and will turn to look for the face of the person who is talking. 
She understands perfectly well what “NO” means, so this is the time to lay down the foundation stones of her education. 
She can make herself understood to you, especially if the message refers to hunger! 
–Really? Ok!
She is aware of the sounds she can produce and is fascinated by her own babbling. Listen to her and encourage her. –Really? Ok!

Her first tooth  — ouch!

Her first tooth is not far off now, and with it, maybe a little touch of fever. It is also time to be prepared for her first cold and ear infection. –No! No! She got 2 already when she’s 5m. ;p
Your child can be a bit cranky. Take her in your arms and give her a cuddle. You can give her gums a gentle massage to relieve her pain.
–Really? Ok!
It is quite common to see children of this age sucking and chewing away at objects. Try giving her a teething ring or NESTLÉ® Rusk biscuits.
–Really? Ok!

Your child’s dietary capabilities
Thanks to her new abilities, your child will be able to gradually discover a wider range and variety of foods.
Your child can control the movements of her tongue and lips better.
She can move food from the front of her mouth to the back. She can now swallow better.
Her digestive system has matured.
Even if her first tooth has yet to come out, she is able to move gradually from runny textures through smooth pastes to more solid, coarsely chopped foods.

source: http://www.weaning.com.my

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