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What a long way he has come since he was born! His first smile, first word, first tooth… he has gone through so many milestones in such a short time.
Sebelum nih Mommy dah buat entry perkembangan HD berumur 6 bulan [apa yang normally anak kita dah boleh lakukan]. klik kalau nak baca.. 
6 bulan – ada perbezaan carta tentang ketinggian & berat anak mengikut umur. 
From 12 months onwards
  • Your child is just entering his 12th month. Soon, it’s time to celebrate his first birthday. This is the month when he really starts learning to walk, with a little help from the grown-ups. [click here for HD’s 1st birthday]
  • It is also a period during which his most recent physical, emotional and intellectual achievements are established and perfected.
The age of great changes
  • Although he probably still does not walk very well and needs to be held, your child is getting around more easily. He has become an expert in crawling and changing positions. [alhamdulillah, by 1y 15days, dah boleh jalan sendiri!]
  • His arms and legs are growing longer. 
  • He is becoming more dextrous and examines his toys with great care. He loves things that pile up on top of one another, that slot into one another, that can be built and then taken back down, and he will spend a long time playing by himself. 
  • He points at things he wants or at pictures in a book. [yeah!]
A clearer relationship with the world around 
  • The more aware he becomes of his environment, the more he wants to interact with it. [yeah!]
  • He loves watching you closely to imitate your movements and facial expressions. [yeah!]
  • In his own way, he plays an active role in family life. Don’t hesitate to involve him as much as possible. [yeah!] 
  • He’ll be proud to show you that he can manage all by himself. [yeah!]
Your child’s dietary capabilities 
  • Your child’s second year is off to a great start because there are so many more adventures ahead such as learning of language, walking, staying dry…[yeah!]
New dietary capabilities
  • Your child is now sufficiently sensitive and dextrous to: 
    • Pick up small pieces of food without squashing them.[yeah!]
    • Use a plastic cup and cutlery designed especially for children.[yeah!]
He has new teeth [8 gigi biasa, 1 geraham, pastu 1 taring bawah & 2 taring atas baru nmpk..yeah!]
  • He can chew real pieces, if they’re soft enough. 
  • He wants to eat all by himself, using his fingers or a spoon. 
  • Your child is making astounding progress because he is now capable of chewing real pieces of food and doing a lot of things by himself at the table. Although he would like nothing better than to eat what you have on your plate, his diet cannot be the same as yours as he still has specific needs.
HD boleh hafal sudah ABC & 123 by 16 months [1y 4m]. Syukur!!

Let’s read this also!!!
From 15 months onwards
  • Walking and language are keywords at this stage. Your child is no longer a passive observer as he learns to interact with everything around him.
When language becomes established 
  • Your voice and that of his Daddy’s, are the basis for your child’s language learning. Spend time talking to him, explaining patiently how each new word he discovers is pronounced. 
  • He can name many different objects in his daily life, and will soon start to put sentences together. Encourage him as this will help your child make more progress.
Motor coordination is being perfected 
  • Your child can now drop objects on purpose and has great fun throwing them and picking them back up.
  • He can play with a ball, which he hits, although he’s still a little clumsy. He’s going to need years of practice before he can throw like an adult.
Your child’s dietary capabilities 
  • He has taken his first steps and is trying out his first words. These major developments are accompanied by two new developments which affect his diet. 
    • His teeth (he now has 8 incisors and 4 molars) enable him to chew soft foods.
    • His intestines are now mature enough for him to be able to eat practically the same food as adults (with the exception of certain fibres).
  • Nevertheless, he still has specific needs that are very different from those of a 3-year-old. The nutritional quality of his diet depends on using products specifically suited to his age group.In short, your child can eat almost anything now, but needs to follow the suitable requirement for textures, quantities and nutritional content.

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