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Mommy start buat entry tentang Child Development [Perkembangan anak & apa yang mereka boleh buat] ini dari HD berumur 6 bulan sehingga sekarang yang bakal masuk 12 bulan i.e 1 tahun.
Klik kat bawah kalau nak baca:
6 bulan – siap dengan perbezaan carta tentang ketinggian & berat anak mengikut umur. 

owh.. Mommy skip 8 bulan eh? alamak.. Xpe.. kat bawah ni kang, Mommy letak utk 8 bulan..
Child Development for 11 months
Your child is starting his 11th month. It’s a transitional time for him, physically, emotionally and intellectually. For you, it’s time to set down the foundations of his education, including learning, games and motivation.
Playing and learning 
Your child is trying out a new technique to get around — sitting on his bottom and pushing himself along with his hands. 
He can lift the lid off a box. If it is a box containing a toy or something completely harmless, encourage him. But be careful because he’ll try to open any old box. 
He can hold a pen and scribble with it. 
He can point at the object he wants to play with. 
In the bathtub or when you’re dressing him, teach him to recognise certain parts of his body. He’ll be proud to point to his nose, feet and mouth.
Obeying and daring 
He is able to obey simple instructions such as “come” or “catch”. 
When you’re sitting together with a book, let your child participate by turning the pages; there’s no better way to instil a love of books. This is an important stage on the road to his future pleasure in reading. 
Your child may want to try out his first few steps on his own, especially if he knows of other children around his own age who have already taken the great leap. If he does, congratulate him, but if he doesn’t, just let him go at his own pace.
The joys and surprises of education 
It is not always easy to forbid your child from doing something, especially if he cries as soon as you say “no”. 
But this is something you have to do. You need to set limits to structure your child’s identity. 
Always bear in mind that your child wants nothing more than to please you and make you proud of him. If you encourage and congratulate him when he does something good, he is more likely to accept it better when you lay down the law.
Your child’s dietary capabilities 
He is starting to drink out of a glass. Give him a plastic drinking cup that is specially designed for children. New teeth begin to appear, again with wide variations between different children. 
His physical progress means that he can eat with you at the table. He can sit up straight in his high chair and be part of your family meals. 
Eating at the table is an important step on the road to growing up. Your child will be as proud as a peacock.
Child Development for 12 months
Your child is just entering his 12th month. Soon, it’s time to celebrate his first birthday. This is the month when he really starts learning to walk, with a little help from the grown-ups.
It is also a period during which his most recent physical, emotional and intellectual achievements are established and perfected.
Your child’s physical development 
He is moving around with greater determination on all fours. The more you encourage him, the more he loves to move. 
With your help, he can stand and take a few steps. Or he might be able to do so by standing against a wall or a piece of furniture. 
He concentrates hard to pick up really small objects between his thumb and forefinger, such as a grain of rice that has fallen off his plate, or a tiny stone that he finds on the ground. Be careful that he doesn’t put them into his mouth.
His daily activities 
He loves putting the parts of an object together to make one large object. 
He has great fun putting things on his head or throwing his toys as far as he can. Beware of things getting broken. Place anything fragile out of his reach. 
Generally speaking, your child needs two little naps during the day; a short one in the morning and a slightly longer one in the afternoon. Don’t kick up a fuss if he refuses to sleep because some children need less sleep than others. Let him babble away in his bed as he’s still getting the rest he needs.
More and more sociable 
He loves participating, showing his presence and being useful. 
He is perfectly capable of finding and bringing to you that set of keys you have been looking everywhere for, especially if he is the one to place them somewhere else. 
He is now aware of objects that he cannot see, and his visual memory is very good. He knows the difference between what is “there” and what is “no longer there”. 
He is becoming familiar with abstract ideas such as up/down, solid/liquid, container/contents.
Your child’s dietary capabilities 
As he approaches his first birthday, your child is becoming more sociable and discovering the joys of eating together as a family. His nutritional needs, however, are not yet comparable to those around him.
Entry utk 8 bulan pulak..
Child Development for 8 months
Your child is entering his 8th month. His increasing agility and curiosity are opening up new avenues for him. What a joy it is to see him progressing so fast. But it’s also a time when you need to be more vigilant than ever.
More strength and better skills
Your child is even stronger, and can hold himself upright on his legs when supported.
He can sit up by himself (but watch that he doesn’t topple over).
Your child can now hold objects between his thumb and forefinger, and move them from one hand to the other.
He also looks around for objects he has lost.
Keep an eye out for danger
Remember to protect the sharp corners of coffee tables. 
Protect electrical sockets using socket covers.
Put all your cleaning products and medicines well out of reach.
Don’t leave dried fruits, small sweets or other dangerous objects within his reach.
He is beginning to assert his identity 
He is becoming more aware of his own identity, and is eager to let you know. Even if it means screaming until you take notice of him! 
Mirror, mirror on the wall… he loves looking in the mirror, admiring his own movements and funny faces. 
In time, he will explore different ranges of behaviours and expressions; from cuddly to temperamental, 
from smiley to grumpy. He will also show more interest in other children.
Your child’s dietary capabilities 
Your child is now able to wait a short while before satisfying his hunger. You can space out his meals a little. 
Your child is getting better at coordinating his swallowing and breathing. 
He is curious about everything. He loves making new discoveries, and his newfound abilities will help him do just that. Make the most of this phase to develop his diet.

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