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Hola.. Mommy tengah struggle pk apa nk prepare untuk birthday party HD yang pertama [SETAHUN DAH???] pada 30 Sept 2011 nih.. Cepatnya masa berlalu.. So, kat bawah nih Mommy nak share ngan korang, apa yang patut dibuat seawal sebulan sebelum tarikh lahir cinta sayang korang..

3 to 4 Weeks Before
  • Create a guest list
  • Create a party budget 
  • Pick theme or decor
  • Order party supplies
  • Decide menu & drinks
  • Create menu & grocery list
  • Create party supply shopping list
  • Decide activities & games
  • Send party invitations
  • Book entertainment
  • Buy disposable birthday party cameras
2 to 3 Weeks before
  • Order party favors
  • Buy birthday games & game items
  • Order balloons
  • Enlist party helpers
  • Gather owned party supplies (banners, utensils, platters)
  • List other supplies needed
  • Order rental equipment
  • Buy film & video tape
  • Buy piñata, candy & fillers
  • Place RSVP guest list & pen by the phone
1 Week Before
  • Do any heavy cleaning
  • Order cake
  • Order Flowers
  • Buy non-perishable food & beverages
  • Buy birthday candles
  • Procure matches
  • Bake & freeze unfrosted cake if making your own 
  • Buy freezable foods
  • Schedule activities
  • Call non RSVP guests
Two Days Before
  • Check camera batteries
  • Buy extra batteries
  • Clean party area
  • Make necessary space in the refrigerator 
  • Buy extra garbage bags, foil & plastic wrap
  • Arrange party favors
  • Confirm entertainment
  • Select music
  • Fill piñata 
  • Defrost frozen foods
Day Before
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Wash outdoor surfaces
  • Charge video recorder
  • Decorate party room
  • Childproof party area
  • Gather birthday games or activities
  • Set out party favors
  • Buy undelivered floral arrangements 
  • Prepare food that will refrigerate well overnight 
  • Arrange food delivery
  • Eat out or order in
  • Defrost cake before bed
Party Day
  • Pick up cake, ice, balloons
  • Frost & decorate homemade cake
  • Decorate outdoor areas
  • Set up birthday games
  • Gather serving pieces
  • Have camera ready
  • Set out disposable birthday party cameras
  • Prepare perishable food
  • Check bathroom for needed supplies (toilet paper, hand towels, soap)
  • Secure pets as needed
  • Smile and have fun!
Mommy: korang jugak boleh adakan party kt McD, KFC, PIZZA atau mana2 yang korang suka klu rasa xnk penatkan diri buat party kt rumah.
Mommy punya checklist dah ada. Simple but yet interesting. Nak tau x? Later lah disclose. Lepas kejadian. Hahahaha
SOURCE: can’t put the source link as there is viruz. sorry

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