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Mommy AMAT SUKA BLAZER tapi JARANG sangat pakai sejak x menyandang jawatan PROFESSIONAL seperti dlu. Huu. Sekarang pakai pun kalau sejuk dalam opis. mihmihmih


A well-fitted blazer is an important staple in every woman’s wardrobe. But if you’ve been having trouble picking out one that looks perfect on you, check out these tips on choosing a style that fits your body just right.

A good blazer can be worn for so many situations. It can give you a professional look for a job interview or add a trendy, sleek flair when you head out with the girls. A poorly fitted blazer, however, will just leave you feeling bulky, so be sure to pick the perfect one for your unique shape!

Straight shape
If you have a straight shape, it means your bust, waist and hips are more or less in line. Lucky for you, plenty of styles look great on you. The key to finding the perfect look is to pick a blazer that nips in at the waist to create a nice hourglass shape. Your even shape also means you can have fun with playful patterns and colours. The lace fabric on this ponte blazer is positively eye-catching, and the single button will give the illusion of a narrow waist.

Pear shape
If you have a pear shape, it means your hips are wider than your upper body, so avoid blazers that fall to your hip line, as they will cause your hips to appear larger. Instead, look for blazers that are cropped to just above your hips or ones that fall just below your hip line. Blazers that have unique notes on the top, such as wide lapels or piping on the collar, also work because they draw the eye up and help balance out your shape. This contrast lapel blazer, for instance, will give the appearance of a thinner, more defined waist and also add a unique flair to your neckline.

Inverted triangle shape
If you have particularly wide shoulders, you are what is called an inverted triangle shape. This body type isn’t the easiest to find the right blazer for, but when you do track down the right one, it will be a spectacular look for you. The key is to find a blazer with minimal or no shoulder padding, as this feature will only accentuate the size of your upper half. Blazers that are less structured and made of flowing fabric will also help give your body a softer look. Check out the relaxed shape of this woven jacket.

Apple shape
Women with an apple shape are rounder through the midsection and don’t have much definition at the waist. If that’s the case for you, your best bet is a blazer made of thinner fabric and that falls to below your hips. Avoid bulky fabrics, as they will add unnecessary width to your midsection. This unlined, straight-cut jacket, for example, will do a great job at evening out your torso and increasing definition at the waistline.
by Sheelagh Daly

Other tips


Go for slim leg pants/jeans but not the clingy ones.
Dress up in a single colour or in colours of similar tones to lend a taller effect.
Wear single buttoned jackets/blazers as far as blazers and jackets are concerned.
When it comes to t-shirts, V-necks and polos are your best bets.

Nothing bulky on your feet.
No tight/clinging clothes shall touch your body.
Vertical stripes won’t make you look taller but only thinner. Avoid them.
Don’t go overboard with layering.

Try pants with pockets and pleats. Cargos or jeans with a slightly wide leg will suit you really well.
Blazers that are padded at the shoulders and loose along the waist line are just made for you.

Do not wear slim fit shorts. They make you look exceptionally thin.
Don’t go in for round neck tees at any cost.

Wear straight legged pants instead of slim leg ones.
You can really nicely carry off a round neck or a polo neck t-shirt.
Jackets that do not fight your belly when it comes to zipping/buttoning them should be your favourites.
Wear a little easy going shirt and you could roll up the sleeves for a cool dude look.

Don’t buy t-shirts that stick to your little paunch. Opt for the next size instead!
Don’t be afraid of wearing shorts/capris. They will actually take off attention from your belly.
Don’t even think of wearing those ancient bell bottoms jeans just because it was once your favourite. It’s out of trend and it’s not made for you!
Don’t sport a jacket that goes even an inch (read centimetre) below your mid-thighs. It’ll make you look shorter.

Buy rather invest in blazers/jackets that enhance your V-shaped body i.e. a blazer that fit’s the shoulders just well, narrows a little at the waist and then takes an A shape.
V-neck t-shirts suit your frame just perfectly.
Wear dark colours that give you a slight slimming effect.

Okay, we know you’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy working out on your body in the gym but it doesn’t mean that start roaming about in anything that hugs your chest so much that it might just rip off and come without sleeves!!!
Avoid layering. If you need to, make sure that the top layer is flowing i.e. your jacket is unbuttoned.
Skinny leg pants are a big no-no for you. Try straight-legged pants instead.

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