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1st month: Brand new senses
  • Touch is definitely your child’s most well-developed sense. (true)
  • His sense of smell was already developed before birth and he can immediately recognise the reassuring scent of his mummy. (true)
  • His ear is a tiny technological wonder. He can identify the voices of his parents, which he heard throughout the pregnancy. (true)
  • His sense of taste develops early too. Naturally attracted by sugary tastes, he gradually learns to appreciate other flavours. (true)
#ariq emir 1st smile as early as 11 days. ;p

2nd month

  • Your child is 1 month old and starting his 2nd month. During these first weeks, he has already discovered so much. Even if he still sleeps a lot (around 20 hours per day!), what he likes most is your company, and he loves communicating! (true)

Share tender moments

  • Surrounded by your love, reassured by your presence and encouraged by you looking at him, he shows surprising moments of attention and exchanges with you. He reacts to your stimulation,  your words captivate him, your smiles enchant him, and your tickles delight him. You share a relation of tenderness and communication… and the faces he makes are truly adorable! (true)

Encourage exchange

  • Move closer when talking to your child. He will recognise your voice and answer in his own way.(true)
  • Sing lullabies, tell stories, whistle tunes.(true)
  • When you feed him, look at him with a smile as your face is what fascinates him most.(ok)
  • Exaggerate your facial expressions, open your eyes wide, stick out your tongue… he will try to imitate you!(true)

3rd month

  • Your child is 2 months old and starting his 3rd month. You are amazed by this daily progress. He has already made a lot of progress compared to those first weeks, and this is only the beginning!

He starts to hold his head up (#ariq emir sebenarnya angkat kepala dari 1st day kalau diletakkan meniarap. hebat toi)

  • When you hold him in a sitting position, he manages to control the movements of his head a little, whereas it was still loose just a short while ago. When you hold him in your arms, he lifts his head and straightens it in line with his body.

He discovers his hands

  • His little fists are no longer closed and you can open his hands. Your child loves watching his hands and playing with them. He loves it when they accidentally touch the mobile above his bed. (true. we bought teether at this age for him)

His routine has changed

  • Your child weighs around 5kg and probably has 5 feeds per day. His nights are longer, sometimes he sleeps right through and wakes up later in the morning. (true)

 4th month

  • Your child is 3 months old and starting his 4th month. He is more receptive and reacts better to different stimulations. Maybe he’s starting to laugh a real laugh, with a little chuckle when you tickle him or jump him up and down in your arms. (true)

New physical abilities
From 3 months, new motor elements give your child more freedom of movement:

  • He can reach his hand out to objects. Even if he can’t grab them yet, this new skill opens up many horizons.(true)
  • He can stretch his legs when he’s held upright. What fun it is to bend and stretch these legs in a jumping movement!(true)
  • He plays more with his hands. He moves his fingers, turns his hands over and over, inspects them… they’re his way of getting to know himself.(true)

Curious about everything that’s going on

  • From 3 months, your child doesn’t generally like to be left alone. He seeks company and entertainment. (true. asik panggil mommy dgn tangisan. angkat, diam.)
  • And, he wants to watch everything that’s happening around him.(true)
  • He doesn’t want to stay in a lying down position only, and although he can’t yet sit without support, he loves this position. It gives him a great view of the things that are happening around him and enables him to take part in the life of the household.(true)

#ariq emir 1st time meniarap ialah genap umurnya 4 bulan. ;p

5th month
  • He needs your protection. Your child needs love as much as anyone else. The proof: when he cries, he usually calms down as soon as you take him in your arms. You are his defence against the unknown! (true)
  • He recognises your voice above any other because his memory records firstly what makes him happy. Sometimes, he just needs to see you to stop crying and start laughing.(true)
  • He’s becoming quite “chatty” (true. dah sembang dah. wpon x semeriah kakak HD)
  • He imitates what he hears. He gradually progresses from simple sounds to complex syllables, such as ga-ga, goo-goo, da-da, etc. (true)
  • He enjoys talking to his toys, as if they understand him. His favourite teddy is his special talking partner! (er..as todate, xperasan lagi)

 He sleeps less 

  • At around 4 months, your child would probably sleep on average 9 to 10 hours in the night. He has a 1 or 2-hour nap in the morning, and another lasting 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon.Some children sleep very long nights, sometimes 12 or 13 hours! In this case, they just need two small 1-hour naps during the day. (true. nursery bagitau xnak tdo siang sgt. huuu) source
Aksi Ariq once Mommy panggil nama dia.. (5m)
May 1, 2013 | Hepinya Ariq!!! #ariqemir #laugh #lol by shehan_ismail84 on Keek.com
Aksi Ariq Emir yang sambil meniarap, sambil berenang. Hehehe (5m)
Apr 29, 2013 | #ariqemir #jerit #senyum by shehan_ismail84 on Keek.com
(pic dated 02.05.2013)

hannah damia – 2tahun 7bulan
ariq emir – 5 bulan
 Tq sudi baca. Regards, Mommy Hannah Damia & Ariq Emir

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