22/06/2024 5:21 AM

Mommy ternampak apps baru yang bernama iMalaysia Games sempena Hari Merdeka 2015 tak lama lagi.

Baca ni

  • iMalaysia Game is a running game that takes you back to the early days of the formation of Malaysia right up to present time, through various iconic and historic locales while collecting sen coins for points.
  • At the end of every stage, players will be rewarded with historical facts about Malaysia. Players can choose from a wide range of avatars representing diverse ethnic groups in Malaysia as well as a national icon, the Malayan tiger.
  • Play and learn the history of Malaysia while having fun as well as sharing your scores on Facebook to compete with your friends for the highest scores!
  • From 31st August 2015 to 30th September 2015, the top 4 highest scores uploaded on Facebook will stand to win the grand prize which is a holiday package worth RM10,000 or a Sony Playstation 4 game console!**Terms & conditions apply.

Perghhhhh.. Hadiah diaaaaaaaa!! Kena bagitau Daddy ni. Mana tau dia menang. Kaki game layak join ni!!!

Tengok ni.. siap bersongkok, berbaju Harimau, dan macam2 lagi. Ahaha. Cute betul.

Jom install!!

Pengguna Android – play.google
Pengguna iPhone – itunes.apple

Lain-lain uols boleh tengok laman web 31ogos.my/imalaysia.

Akhir kata. Selamat menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan. #sehatisejiwa.

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