25/04/2024 9:38 AM

Amira Perfume Oil by Alharamain Perfumes – Golden Bottle – 12ml
A perfect blend of Lavender, Rose, Cedar wood, Patchouli, Amber, Musk, Jasmine, Vanilla and Sandalwood. All fine ingredients have been used to create this masterly fragrant note, warmth and gentle sweetness would make every one to be wanting to be with you, to be around you.

Tu je yang Mommy berjaya dapat info pasal perfume / attar nih. Abang ipar Mommy yang balik bercuti dari Qatar hadiahkan perfume/attar yang bernama Amira (Gold) untuk Mommy. Adik ipar Mommy pn ambil yang sama jugak sbb katanya yang nih mmg bau terbaik punya!! Time dorang pilih kt rumah pn, Mommy kt spital sebab nih.. dan sebab ini.

Ini rupa perfume/attar tersebut..

My very 1st word, COMELNYA BOTOL!!!!

kan?? comel kan??


Agak mahal la.. Hihihi

Tq anyway my BIL.. Nanti nak telekung free plak, bleh? Ngeh ngeh..

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