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An all-white interior is quite a surprisingly divisive design idea. It can be a favorite for some and a horror for others. Often, white walls are the standard wall paint option, especially for rental properties.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable house for rent in Melaka or a temporary condo in the KL suburbs, white interiors are something that you have to make do with. If you can’t change it, learn to embrace it!

To well-prepare you for your journey of decorating with white, we have listed some dos and don’ts that come with decorating an all-white interior.

Do choose the best combination of whites for your home

Although white is not actually a color, there are still hundreds of different variations, tones and shades of white out there. Thus, you should explore all the hues in the white family if you’re thinking of decorating in all white to ensure that you make an informed decision with the whites that you do choose.

Instead of sticking with just one tone of white, consider using a palette of different white tones to achieve a strong and sophisticated aesthetic with your all-white interior. This doesn’t necessarily have to achieved through paint alone. Rather, you can incorporate different white tones via a combination of paint, furnishings, décor as well as accessories. It’s not all about finding the perfect white for your space, it’s about choosing a palette of perfect whites that go well together!

Don’t go to extremes when painting

The purpose of having an all-white room is the versatility and flexibility it offers. As such, don’t go too much towards either end of the warm/cool spectrum to ensure you get the most out of your whites. Whites that are too warm will make your interiors look yellow and something out of the 90s. While those that are too cool in tone will impart a too purple hue that is not at all attractive.

Also proceed with caution when mixing warm, creamy white with cool, icy tones. The former will make the latter look sterile and clinical, while the cool ones will make the warm ones look murky and dirty. Just remember to play around the white spectrum game with due respect and sensibility. Above all, ask for samples before committing!

Don’t be too perfect

While a perfectly decorated all-white room will surely look pretty in theory, it can often be a bit too perfect. Sometimes, the color white can impart a sense of seriousness as well as sterile connotations and vibes. This can lead to things looking too formal and straight-laced as well. You should consider balancing out this characteristic of white by introducing a bit of chaos to keep things less perfect. Add in a more relaxed ambience via your furnishing and décor choices that are quirky and unexpected to keep things loose and informal.

Do think of white as unifying

If you have a lot of existing furniture pieces and don’t know how to integrate them or keep them from feeling mis-matched, you’re in luck. White is a good color that can easily unify a space. Whether it’s different building materials, mismatch architectural elements or clashing furniture, a coat of white paint can easily trick the eye and create cohesion.

Do let art take center stage

An all-white interior can serve as a perfect blank canvas. This allows you to really be able to showcase your pieces of art. A white background makes your pieces pop, allowing them to be the focal point without having to compete with other elements in your home like the walls, décor or furnishing.

As they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Showcase your most treasured and prized pieces without really having to put much effort into displaying them. All eyes will surely be on your unintentional art gallery.

Don’t avoid practicality

While an all-white interior may look effortless, it is not going to maintain its clean and pristine look without some effort. While decorating your home in your beloved all-white, don’t forget to keep practicality in mind. Avoid using white in high traffic areas such as the living room or family room, especially if you have children, pets, or messy family members. If you do insist on doing so (perhaps you are glutton for punishment), do consider having the white pieces in durable and easily cleanable materials and if they are not, you can always put some slipcovers over them.

Consider alternatives in place of something pure white. For example, opt for an earthy neutral rug or a beautiful Persian carpet. Above all, no matter how beautiful it may look, you should go for a pure-white rug.

Do introduce texture

An all-white interior can often look flat and clinical, lacking visual depth and interest. So, do remember that texture is a great way of adding that missing piece. Introduce a myriad of different textures (like fluffy rugs, linen cushions, velvet curtains or even harsh wooden furniture) to add elements of warmth to an otherwise sterile environment.

Greenery is also a good idea that can add an organic and living feel to balance out the starkness and deadness of all-white. Not only do they add textural elements to your space, they add pops of color as well. Keep in mind that the main idea is to add texture and layers to achieve a cohesive look where all elements balance each other out in harmony.

Don’t forget about maintenance

White architectural elements are prone to stains and showing age. For example, white walls and white floorboards won’t stay pristine forever. White is quite a high maintenance option if done incorrectly. So, it is ever more imperious to choose quality paints in good formulations to make them more easily cleanable. You can also consider adding topcoats for added protection. However, if all else fails, rather than hide the imperfections, learn to embrace the scuffs!

Do add accents

An all-white interior can easily veer towards boring. Do remember to add in accents to keep the visual interest ample in your space. Think about hardware features, such as copper or brass pulls and knobs, or even timber accents in the architectural detailing for added warmth, dimension and definition. Sometimes, these simple and little touches is what makes all the difference in a predominantly white room.

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