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Admittedly, condo living is a trend that is considered to beneficial and relevant to today’s society especially when some properties for sale in Malaysia is getting insanely unaffordable. Over the past few decades, people have been prioritizing living in condos because of the easy and low-maintenance lifestyle. Whether it is young professionals or retired employees, low-rise and low-density condos offer the most desirable and sought-after lifestyles, which every individual will enjoy.

Above all, density matters. There’s been a rapid rise of the high-density buildings, designed to curb the dwindling supply, and this is why the low-rise condos are arguably the best places to live.

So, why should you care about housing density?

Here are the reasons;

1. Intimate atmosphere

The main reason why low-density condos are becoming increasingly popular each day is the fact that they offer a more intimate atmosphere compared to their high-density counterparts. Why should you live in an apartment where it is difficult to know and interact with your neighbors, while there are low-rise condos that allow you to become part of the friendly surrounding instantly? You will also enjoy an incredible bond with light-minded neighbors who perhaps value what you also value – beautiful design, comfortable living environment, and tranquility.

2. Advantage of more space

The designers of low-rise condos majorly focus on building the least number of units per floor. As a result, you will get a significant space to utilize the condo’s amenities without feeling squeezed. From swimming in the condo’s pool to working out in the gym without any pressure. Furthermore, these places are perfect for anyone who has a busy day and wish to come home and find a quiet, private and peaceful environment. Remember, your neighbors who move to low-rise condos have similar behaviors to yours, and there’s no doubt that you will enjoy unmatched privacy and peace.

On the other hand, when you live in a high-density living environment, the higher the chances are that you will have to look for counter mechanisms to deal with boisterous parties, pounding music and other frustrations of high-rise houses.

3. Stunning interiors

Clearly, it goes without saying that low-rise condos are an embodiment of modern sophistication and elegance. They are designed with modern and stylish interiors that make life exciting. You will love the contemporary kitchens, spacious living rooms, high ceilings, hard flooring and other upgraded features that define a modern home.

If you can to add more flavor to the interior, low-rise condos allow you to customize the appearance of your interior to suite your needs. You can paint the walls, renovate or put up pictures to add some aesthetic to your room.

4. Improved security

Living in low-rise condos is far more secure than living in landed properties or high-rise condos. To start with, everyone living in a condo is likely to extend better care to their property, while most buildings offer secure entrances or gatemen. Whether you are working or you have gone for a vacation, you have nothing to worry because your property will remain safe guarded regardless of how long you will be away.

Another reason why low-rise condos are secure is that they occupy a smaller area with very low density. In case there is a disaster such as an earthquake or fire outbreak, there will be less or no panic compared to high-rise architectures. Therefore, evacuating the building will be worryingly easy because of fewer stories and controversial explanations.

5. Real lifestyle living

As we mentioned earlier, low-rise structures have fewer stories or barriers and give you that feeling of living in your house. Typically, these condos have larger units, and you can even extend your living space to create a unique place of your own, making you feel warm just like in a house. A low-rise condo may be just what you need if you want more space to enjoy with your family without disturbing your neighbors.

6. Amenities

Living in a low-rise condo gives you access to various attractive amenities that you won’t find in high-rise structures. With diverse shopping options, plenty green space, beautiful parks, everything you need to turn a dull day into a bright one is just seconds away from your room. Besides, these places host a low population, and there is no struggle for resources. The available amenities can serve the population without jeopardizing anyone.

7. Convenience to workplace

Places with low housing density offer a variety of transportation options and also proximity to major highways and roads. Most people love the low-rise condos built in these areas because they are sure that they won’t get late for work. You may be surprised to realize that the biggest highway in the city is just minutes away.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, low-rise condominiums are an epitome of a perfect urban lifestyle. Whether you want value for your money or you are just looking for a secure and private place to stay with your family, these condos won’t disappoint you. Above all, condos require less maintenance, and they are located at convenient places to your workplace. Besides, the refreshingly ambiance and quiet of low-rise condos resembles that of a small community. It gives you a strong sense of belonging and is also more intimate. So, if you want to get the sweetest life that you ever dreamt of and enjoy all the advantages of low-rise condos, then you should consider investing in one – there’s no doubt that a property for sale somewhere is waiting for you.

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    1. YB Shehan says:

      beza high rise n low rise condo dgn kepadatan penduduk. hehehe..

  1. anuar says:

    Nice info..
    Setakat ni belum ada cadangan untuk membeli condo… masih setia pada rumah bertanah..
    anuar recently posted…Pak Ya Homestay Seri Iskandar PerakMy Profile

  2. Akak suka condo macam umah shehan tu, lawa!

  3. Julia Johari says:

    Juju pun beli rumah kondo…suka dengan full facilities…mcm dok hotel hari2 haha

  4. Nice info..thanks for the sharing..

  5. mas saari says:

    Teringin jugak merasa dok kondo tapi tak berminat suka rumah tinggi² ni, hehehee!

  6. Macs says:

    Mid and high rise developments continue to sprout because there is also an increasing demand for condo living. Great info and thanks for sharing. The best thing about living in a condo is the accessiblity to nearby establishments including the workplace. Though some may still really prefer to have a house because it has a larger space.

  7. The Tre Ver says:

    with the continuous rise in demand for residential condominiums, the condo units being offered also shrink , leaving the buyers with few and more expensive options for condos with bigger space. Hence, buyers find an imbalance between high-density living and low – density living

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