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4 INSTAGRAM FLORISTS UNTUK PEMINAT JAMBANGAN BUNGA | Tercari-cari di mana nak beli jambangan bunga yang cantik dan paling penting ada servis penghantaran? Untuk mereka yang sambut Valentine’s Day, mesti perkara ini amat bermakna buat mereka. Untuk Mommy pula, ini sangat sesuai dijadikan kejutan harijadi.


mekar-my-instagram is relatively new to the floristry scene, only having officially started in the later half of 2015. But despite that, the business run by three siblings still boasts an impressive selection of blooms.


Yes. Based in Kajang, the company provides deliveries to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Depending on how far the recipients’ addresses are, delivery costs range between RM25 to RM70 and will arrive at your doorstep between 10am to 5pm.


RM20 to RM300 for a bouquet. But they also offer a special Valentine’s design of red roses for RM100, excluding delivery.

To place an order, visit

2. @florahera


It’s hard to beat FloraHera when it comes to style, simplicity and charm. Faradiba Anuar arranges her bouquets with a certain kind of technique that exudes class of its own – and all from her home studio in Setia Alam.

Every bouquet from FloraHera is delicately and artistically arranged.


Yes. But only for peak seasons at RM30 for each delivery. Faradiba does deliveries in Gombak, Klang, Subang, Shah Alam, Cheras and neighbouring areas. Deliveries on Feb 14 are between 10am-5pm. On Feb 13, customers may pick up their orders in Setia Alam.


There are three options available for a special seasonal bouquet. Customers can choose between 20 roses (RM180), 50 roses (RM350) or 100 roses (RM 450) in either red, soft pink, hot pink, champagne or white – all wrapped up pretty and ready to go. But fans of Faradiba’s signature mixed bouquets can still purchase them at RM280 each.

To place an order, visit florahera

3. @yaziedhassan


Banker by day, florist by night, baker in between.

Yazied Hassan is a jack-of-all trades who designs wedding arrangements and can whip up a gorgeous cake in the kitchen. His floral designs range in theme from soft, feminine bouquets to bright bold creations to rustic rushes for the country connoisseur.

Yazied’s most popular designs are bold and bright, but he can also arrange something more subtle to suit your personal taste.


Based in Kajang but working in Kuala Lumpur city, Yazied takes delivery orders depending on the location. He charges around RM30 for delivery services.


Arrangements start from RM50. They can be custom made according to requests on size and types of flowers. There is a special offer for an XXL size bouquet going for RM250 which is perfect for a V-day surprise.

To place an order visit yaziedhassan

4. @ladesfleurs_


Video editor Suhaila Mohamad, 24, started the flower arranging business as a part time hobby. But it turns out she’s so good at it, she’s been getting orders nearly every day. Her style is elegant, fit for someone who likes a touch of sophistication in their bouquets.

ladesdleurs_ bouquets come with a feminine touch.


Yes. To location in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Delivery charges range between RM15 to RM60 and your orders will arrive between noon and 6pm.


A standard bouquet which includes imported flowers comes at RM150. Custom made bouquets are also available.

To place an order, visit ladesfleurs.


Mommy pernah buat kejutan untuk Daddy masa birthday beliau tahun lepas. Dah tak sempat nak order online dah. Itu pun dah happy sangat-sangat dah. Hiii

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  1. pernah gak buat surprise untuk birthday Pokchik 7 tahun lepas masa tu lom kawin…! Bagi Blue Rosess 11 kuntum.. gila mahal…!! tapi sayang punya pasal, ku relakannnn… hahahhahaaa… :p

    ironinya, lepas kahwin jangankan blue rosess.. surprise pun dah takde dah.. apa punya bini daaa… kikikikii.. tapiiiiiiiii…. tetiba tahun ni rasa mcm nak surprise kan lagi lah… ehemmm…!!

    *check jadual gaji jap….!*
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    1. YB Shehan says:

      bg link ni suh pokcik baca gak. hehehehe. Ok je surprise walaupun sekuntum bunga. Mcm sy buat kt hasben on his birthday last year. hehehe

  2. Flower Inmind says:

    Fast Flowers Delivery servives at the best price. I am fully satisfieds with your Business.

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