Mommy perasan ada 1 widget terbaru yang kita boleh guna dalam blog ini.
Widget yang dimaksudkan ialah Featured Post untuk highlight semula post lama / baru / paling menarik /penting bagi kita. Ia macam pinned post seperti di Facebook. Jadi mudah untuk pembaca alert.

Menurut apa yang Mommy baca di http://buzz.blogger.com
As bloggers, we all know how important it is to post frequently in order to encourage readers to come back. Of course, the more you post, the more quickly your posts slip down into the archives, making it harder for your readers to discover everything you’ve posted that they might be interested in.

To help make it easier to showcase the posts you want your readers to see, we’ve created a new gadget called Featured Post. With Featured Post, you can choose posts you’ve shared on your blog and highlight them wherever you’d like.

Whether you’d like to re-share that delicious holiday recipe from a few years back, spotlight a can’t-miss promotion you’re running, or just revive something quirky from the archives, the Featured Post gadget is a simple way to show off the content that matters most.

To try it, just head to your Layout tab, add a gadget, and select ‘Featured Post’. You’ll be able to place the gadget wherever you’d like on your blog and then choose the post you’d like to show. If you’d like to highlight something new, you can change the post you feature at any time.
Cool. Mommy dah cuba.

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  1. thank you mommy share..saya nak buatlah..hehe

  2. YieN says:

    Smlm ade tgk jugaq benda ni, tp idak pulak try lagi 😛

  3. Eeta Sams says:

    Tq sharing.
    Nak cuba jugak.

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