Rupanya dah 2 entri Mommy buat perihal putus susu badan ni.
Cubaan putus susu badan / wean off ini telah dibuat pada bulan 5 yang lalu (Entri 2) dengan menggunakan daun hempedu bumi & jadam!

Berjaya sekali pada 19052015 & 20052015 tu.

Tapi akhirnya Mommy mengalah!

“I wish there was a way to wean him off breastfeeding without it being dramatic”

Mommy rujuk blog +yoorin melacolea  dalam entri wean off ini (cabaran-7-hari-wean-off-anak), dan dapat tips dari website KellyMom ini
  • Don’t offer – don’t refuse
  • Dropping one feeding at a time
  • Distraction or substitution
  • Change in routine or schedule
  • Postponement
  • Shortening nursing sessions
  • Night weaning
Mommy refer lagi website lain iaitu babygroup, dapat beberapa tips lagi
  • Skip one breastfeeding session a day and offer a bottle instead.
  • Try to stay out of the picture and get someone else to offer the bottle.
  • Alternate the contents of the bottle – formula or diluted juice before the age of one, cow’s milk after the age of one.
  • Switch to different bottles or cups if need be.
  • Be patient and keep on trying, your baby will probably not like the transition at first. – babygroup
Mommy ingat, mudah nak wean off. Fikirkan khasiat menyusukan baby ni banyak, memang Mommy bersyukur dapat BF lama.

Tapi sekarang, dugaan nak wean off pulak. Ok lah. Kena tiru tips2 di atas ni. Mudah2an berjaya. Mommy taknak adik jadi manja sangat. Adik kan anak lelaki Mommy. Jom sama2 tough ok, dik???

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