Naracards Korea-Seoul Set


Sesi nak habiskan stok nih. Cepat uols.
Macam pisang panas ok.
Tranquility and elegance run deeply through the roots of this gorgeous high quality chiffon. Fluidity and effortlessness in the drape makes this fabric brilliant to work with and initiates creativity.

This high quality chiffon is semi-sheer, wonderfully soft and extremely light weigh ideal for both and formal wear.

Material : High Quality Chiffon
Type : Instant
Opacity: 2 (Semi-transparent that needs an inner to cover your neck)
Washable : Hand wash

Stok yang Mommy ada cuma warna2 ini sahaja. Kalau nak, segera PM Lil HDAE Closet. Jangan la lupa info nama sket & bagitau uols tau dari blog yer. Kang Mommy kompius.

Ini contoh gambar Mommy pakai..
Dari bahagian atas.. anda nampak PLEATED (yg dilipat2)
Selesa sepanjang hari. Mommy pakai shawl nih dari kul 12 tengah hari smpai 1 pagi masa otw balik dari Kedah ke KL Ahad lalu. Jalan sesak. Tapi langsung x rimas. Selesa je.

segera PM Lil HDAE Closet untuk ORDER.

Mommy Hannah Damia ‘n’ Ariq Emir
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