Credit to this GROUP: Malaysian Cloth Pad & Pantyliner
Brand: Snowdrop® 
Owner: Anja Juliah Abu Bakar
Brand: BluCotton
Shop: The Eco Boutique
Owner: Puan Lynn Nasir
Brand: Ummi Pad (Ummi Creates)
Owner: Sylvia
Brand: Sweet Pretty Stuff Minky, Microchamois & Flannel Pads & Bamboo fleece Pantyliners, Momiji Natural Cloth Pads 
Owner: Siti Zubaidah Idris
Brand: Mama Cloth Pad
Owner: Yusrina Hata
Brand: MyLuvlyPad
Owner: Qhatijah Md Said
Brand: Bisky Bosky
Brand: Deana Design 
Facebook : Pink Apple Design
Owner: Naa Zahari
Brand: LampinKain
Owner: Siti Zubaidah Idris
Brand: Mama Cloth Pad (BabyHanan)
Owner: Chin Nee
Brand: Mama Patch
Owner: Sin Dee Khoo
Brand: NCD
Owner: Ummi Zhadami
Brand: Saffa
Brand: Zigi Zag
Owner: Rahayu MB
Brand: Sweet n Cozy
Owner: Siti Nurbaiya
Brand: Bettermoms
Website :
Owner: lindaleen
Brand: sewing by lindaleen
Owner: Erin Adzmi @ Little Caliph Heaven
Brand: Lady Caliph
Owner: Norshuhada Saidin (Makcik.Ren)
Brand: makcik.Ren
Owner: Zian Nur Juliana
Brand: Hanania’s Closet
Puan Imah Salmi (Brand: Snowdrop)

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