months – Your child is an adorable little person.

Joyful, happy and a pleasure to be with, your child just wants to return the love you give her. Your special relationship is growing day by day.

She uses more energy 
She sleeps less and has more intense physical activities. – CORRECT!
She holds out her arms to you, or lifts herself up on her forearms. – CORRECT!
She uses her whole body to communicate. – CORRECT!
She grabs objects within her reach, and uses all her fingers, except her thumbs. – CORRECT!
When She is on her back, she grabs her feet or objects within reach. – CORRECT!
She can now see in 3-D because her “binocular” vision is fully developed. A new world is opening up to your child! – REALLY???? NICE

More and more sociable

You are still the great love of her life, but she is becoming interested in other people around her. – REALLY???? NICE
She laughs out loud when her brother or sister daddy/mommy/cousins/anyone pulls faces. – CORRECT!
She is no longer fearful of new faces. She takes her time to study them, and watches them carefully before rewarding them with her best smile. – CORRECT!

New ways of communicating

Your child’s babbling becomes more and more evolved. She starts to pronounce certain consonants and varies the tone and volume of her voice. – CORRECT!
She now has a large range of sounds to express her pleasure, anger or mood – cries of joy, grunts, coos, gurgles, roars, etc. – CORRECT!

Track your child’s development

These charts are indicators for monitoring your child’s health. During the first few months, your child will grow at a spectacular pace. Then, after 12 months, this growth spurt will slow down. 

Height curve
Weight curve
 The ratio between size and weight can be an early warning sign of any potential growth problems your child may face. You don’t need to weigh and measure your child every day. Just once a month and/or each time you see your doctor is enough. Don’t worry if your friends’ children seem bigger or smaller than yours as each child develops at his own rate.

The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding during your child’s first 6 months and continued breastfeeding for as long as possible. As babies grow at different paces, health professionals should advise you on the appropriate time to start on complementary foods.

Author: YB Shehan

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