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Basically the article should be an original piece of work with necessary acknowledgments of sources and links where appropriate. There is no limit on length as far as online publication is concerned but not more than 20 pages (A4) if meant for print publication. 
The writer should state his/her preference whether print or online. He/she can forward to us his/her paper and it will be reviewed by the Senior Editors and they will decide whether it is suitable for publication and slot it into the relevant issue. 
The writer will receive a copy of the journal once it has been published. 
If it is published online only then we will inform him/her of our online LNS citation which is also recognised by the legal fraternity. 
Sometimes due to page constraint, we will opt to publish online first and later, the print editors may carry it in the journal once they are able to slot it in. 
You may forward ur article directly to my email below.
Once published, the copyright to this article will belong to CLJ.
The writer may still publish it elsewhere but with our prior written consent and the other publisher(s) must acknowledge that the article is published with permission of the Malaysian Current Law Journal Sdn Bhd (if it has already been published in print form) or CLJ Legal Network Sdn Bhd (if published online only).
The writer’s name will still be retained on the face of the article as it is still her work but only the copyright (publishing rights) will be under CLJ’s name. 
This is a standard policy amongst publishers.
Thank you.
Shehan Ismail
(Junior Editor)
CLJ Legal Network Sdn Bhd
E1-2, 2nd Floor, Jalan Selaman 1/2,
Dataran Palma,
68000 Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Hours: Mon – Fri 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What materials may be submitted?
A. Articles, judgments and manuscripts on legal topics.
Q. Are there limits as to the length of the materials I wish to submit?
A. There are no limits for articles and judgments published online. Articles meant for print should be limited to 20 pages (A4 size paper). Manuscripts meant for book publication may be subject to limits at the discretion of the publisher.
Q. How do I submit my materials?
A. Materials may be submitted by completing the form below and attaching a soft copy of your materials.
Q. Will I be paid any fee for submitting materials?
A. No fee is payable for articles and judgments. The payment for manuscripts for book publication will be according to agreed terms after the manuscript has been reviewed by an Editorial Committee and accepted for publication.
Q. Where will the materials submitted be published?
A. Materials will be published in any or all of the publisher’s websites and/or journals unless preference is stipulated.
Q. Will my materials definitely be published?
A. The materials are published at the discretion of the publisher.
Q. Will I still retain the copyright of any materials I have written?
A. The copyright to materials written will pass to the publisher unless otherwise agreed.
Q. Will my materials be edited?
A. The publisher reserves the right to edit any materials submitted.
Q. Who can I contact should I require further clarification:
A. Queries may be directed to

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