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My Baby Girl!

My Baby Girl
she makes me dance and twirl.
Beautiful as can be
lucky, lucky me.
All of God’s grace
in her sweet little face.
Even tho’ I pray
little she won’t stay.
Please don’t grow so fast
let these precious moments last.
Tea parties, dolls, and bows
soon she’ll run the show.
Growing up in a whirl
My Precious Baby Girl! 
Mommy’s Heart
You little one are mommy’s heart
I knew it right from the start
the way you hold my finger tight,
when we’re alone late at night.

When I cradle you in my arms
you smile and show all your charms.
Then you drift off to sleep
sometimes I can’t help but weep,
how lucky I have become
to actually be the chosen one.

To have and hold a child like you
now life seems to good to be true.
So I look up at the sky so blue
and thank the heavens for giving me you!
Daddy’s Pride
You little one are daddy’s pride,
the joy you bring I cannot hide.
Ten little fingers and ten little toes,
your beautiful eyes and button nose.

How could I… even dream
what having you would really mean.
I do wish I would’ve known,
that you are really a gift on loan.

Tho’, I could not have prepared,
for the gift of love, that God has shared.
I will always do my best,
God believes, I’ll pass this test
and I will know I have succeeded
when you’re a parent, and there when needed.
‘Copyright 2003Christine Michaels’

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