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Skincare is essential for skin that looks and feels its best. Diet, weather, and stress can affect skin on a daily basis, so adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

Moisturizer gives skin a fresh look and creates the perfect base for makeup. Be sure to hydrate the delicate undereye area with a lightweight Eye Cream to ensure concealer goes on smoothly and evenly.

Step 1
For very dark undereye circles, start with a Corrector to cut through the darkness under the eye. Pink-tones neutralize pinky-blue darkness and peach-tones neutralize purple-brown darkness.

Next, use a yellow-toned Creamy Concealer one shade lighter than your complexion to brighten the undereye area. Using the Concealer Brush, apply Concealer as close as possible to the lashline, and on the innermost corner of the eye. Gently pat the concealer with your fingers to blend it in.

Step 2

Swatch a few shades of yellow-toned Foundation on the side of your face and check the colors in natural light. The shade that disappears is the right one.

Use your fingers or a makeup sponge to spot-apply foundation where skin needs to be evened out (around the nose and mouth where there’s redness). For full, all-over coverage, use a Foundation Brush to apply and blend foundation.

Step 3

For crease-free wear, apply Loose Powder over concealer using an Eye Blender or Mini Powder Puff.
If you have an oily t-zone, apply powder to the rest of your face using a Powder Puff or Powder Brush.

To add a warm tint to skin, dust Bronzing Powder over cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin using the Bronzer Brush.

Step 4

Smile and dust a neutral shade of Blush on the apples of cheeks with the Blush Brush. Blend up towards the hairline, then downwards to soften color.

Layer a pop of bright blush (applied just on the apples of cheeks) over the neutral shade for a longer lasting look.

Step 5

Use the natural coloring of your lips as a guide when choosing your everyday Lipstick shade. The most flattering shade will either match or be slightly darker than your lips.

Step 6
Lip Liner

For natural-looking definition and to keep color from feathering, line lips with Lip liner after applying lip color. Use the Lip Brush Lip Brush to soften and blend any hard edges.

Step 7

For the most natural look, define brows with Eye Shadow that matches your hair color; use the Eye Brow Brush or Eye Definer Brush(if you have sparse brows) to apply shadow. Begin at the inner corner of the brow and follow its natural shape using light, feathery strokes.

Soften too-harsh brow color by pressing Loose Powder onto brows with a Powder Puff.

Step 8
Eye Shadow

Sweep a light Eye Shadow color from lashline to browbone using the Eye Shader Brush.

Dust a medium Eye Shadow color on the lower lid, up to the crease, using the Eye Shadow Brush.

Step 9
Eye Liner

Line the upper lashline with a dark Eye Shadow  color applied with the Eye Liner Brush. For a longer-lasting look, dampen brush before dipping into shadow. Or, use Long-Wear Gel Eye Liner and the Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush.

If you also line the lower lashline, make sure top and bottom liner meet at the outer corner of the eye.

Step 10

True black Mascara makes the most impact. Choose brown for a softer look. When applying mascara, brush from base of lashes to tips while rolling the wand to separate lashes and avoid clumps.

If you choose to curl lashes, be sure to do this before applying mascara; curling lashes after mascara makes them more prone to breakage.


Sekarang Mommy dah tahu rahsia untuk kecantikan. Wuhuuuu!!

Hari tu Mommy ada list out barang2 makeup Mommy kat entri INI.

So, apa yang Mommy perlu add dalam list produk Mommy ialah:

1. Moisturizer (tengah tunggu CHARME CATALYST sampai yang ada sale gila2 sekarang). Cepat p jenguk Lil HDAE Closet.
2. Sun block

3. Concealer
4. Eye brow brush
Mommy Hannah Damia ‘n’ Ariq Emir
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